10 ways to make reading fun!

  1. Sing it! Add a familiar tune to a poem or even a para of text. Kids have to read with the right pause emphasis to make it work!
  2. Read in the grocery store. Products, labels, discounts, ingredients.
  3. Play letter of the day games: Ask your children to point to printed words they see starting with a particular letter. Rewards for the highest number of words found.
  4. Ask your family and friends to send post cards when they travel, to your child. Nothing more exciting than a postcard from a far flung shore!
  5. Play word twister. Just like twister but with a word list! Use chalk to scribble a small grid of different words on the floor. Then spin the wheel and choose the word, and let your kids stretch and read to locate it!
  6. Word Treasures: Think of a place where you can leave a small prize, and create a set of simple words that relate to it. For example: If the Answer is “Oven” in which there is a muffin, my written clues would be “Hot”, “Pot”, “Bake” etc.
  7. Read like you are in a play. Get a few people together to read various character lines (I like Winnie the Pooh books for this), and give your child a role as well.
  8. Read a recipe, while you bake or cook. Kids love helping out with fun kitchen recipes, and with simple recipes, this is both a great reading exercise and a lot of fun.
  9. Create Word Art together to display around the house. Design banners and posters for your child’s room which can change every month.
  10. Learn a new song. Print the words out for a Sesame Street song or even a new nursery rhyme and learn to sing it with your child.

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A Year of Reading and Learning!

Happy New from Snap Learning! And what a year it’s been!

This past year has seen a lot of ‘firsts’ from SNAP Learning: a new website, a new digital guided reading program and several new reading products called on Edmodo!

Our customer base has now grown from one state to cross country, and beyond to the rest of the world (thank you Australia!). We are so pleased to know that some of our book donations have helped children read in Africa and India.

We’ve got a lot of feedback from teachers and parents on what you want to see in our future products, and in reply, we have some exciting products coming out in 2014!

In addition, this coming year we will have several more fiction and non-fiction titles, with special offers for schools, teachers and parents. So keep coming back or stay in touch on our social channels.

Wishing you the very best reading experience in 2014 and the wise words of Dr. Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”.