How to foster a love of reading in children

Today’s parents know that it’s not always easy to instill a love of reading in children. Whether they are watching television, dabbling with their smartphones, toying with their tablets or engaging in social media, youngsters now have more distractions at their disposal than ever before. So it’s no surprise that many youngsters may not be too enthusiastic about abandoning their gadgets in exchange for curling up with a good book.

But instilling a love of reading in kids early on can pay a lifetime of dividends. Children learn at a much faster pace during their first six years than at any other time in their lives, and the right kind of stimulation during these years can provide the foundation for future learning. In addition, reading at an early age can inspire a child’s creativity and imagination. Though many parents can recognize these benefits, that recognition does not make it easier to get kids to embrace reading. No two kids are alike, so parents might need to employ different strategies to get each of their kids to embrace reading. But the following are a handful of ways parents can foster a love of reading in their youngsters.

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10 ways to make reading fun!

  1. Sing it! Add a familiar tune to a poem or even a para of text. Kids have to read with the right pause emphasis to make it work!
  2. Read in the grocery store. Products, labels, discounts, ingredients.
  3. Play letter of the day games: Ask your children to point to printed words they see starting with a particular letter. Rewards for the highest number of words found.
  4. Ask your family and friends to send post cards when they travel, to your child. Nothing more exciting than a postcard from a far flung shore!
  5. Play word twister. Just like twister but with a word list! Use chalk to scribble a small grid of different words on the floor. Then spin the wheel and choose the word, and let your kids stretch and read to locate it!
  6. Word Treasures: Think of a place where you can leave a small prize, and create a set of simple words that relate to it. For example: If the Answer is “Oven” in which there is a muffin, my written clues would be “Hot”, “Pot”, “Bake” etc.
  7. Read like you are in a play. Get a few people together to read various character lines (I like Winnie the Pooh books for this), and give your child a role as well.
  8. Read a recipe, while you bake or cook. Kids love helping out with fun kitchen recipes, and with simple recipes, this is both a great reading exercise and a lot of fun.
  9. Create Word Art together to display around the house. Design banners and posters for your child’s room which can change every month.
  10. Learn a new song. Print the words out for a Sesame Street song or even a new nursery rhyme and learn to sing it with your child.

The SNAP Learning Christmas SALE Poem

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through our site

Not a creature was buying, not one little bite!

The offers were swung by our marketers with care

In hope that good teachers soon would be there.

The children could read, all snug in their beds

And interact with the books, just like in their heads!

But no one came by, as the holidays grew near

And I, in my office, sat shivering in fear.

Then outside my window, I saw in the sky…

None other than St. Nick! (boy, that guy could really fly!)

He waved a hello, and then shouted some advice:

“Enjoy the holidays, just lower your price!”

And so I ran to our team, opened the door with a BAM!

“Take 25% off our SNAP Reading Program!”

The team shouted with joy, and danced in good cheer

Who doesn’t love a sale at this time of the year?

So hurry and buy, but please do remember

This offer will end on 30th of December.

And so we have come to the end of this tale,

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy SNAP Learning sale!


16 Apps That Motivate Kids to Read

appsmotivatereadingWe are Teachers has published an excellent list of apps that encourage and get your young readers excited about reading! And guess what? SNAP! Reading is listed under Elementary School Readers by We Are Teachers!

Extract: For every kid who is caught hiding beneath his covers with a flashlight and a novel at midnight, there is another who has to be begged and pleaded with to read.  And the latter might need a little extra—shall we call it encouragement?—to become a great reader.

To help, we’ve rounded up a list of the top apps that not only teach essential reading skills but also motivate kids—even the most book-phobic—to read, read and read some more.

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