The SNAP Learning Christmas SALE Poem

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through our site

Not a creature was buying, not one little bite!

The offers were swung by our marketers with care

In hope that good teachers soon would be there.

The children could read, all snug in their beds

And interact with the books, just like in their heads!

But no one came by, as the holidays grew near

And I, in my office, sat shivering in fear.

Then outside my window, I saw in the sky…

None other than St. Nick! (boy, that guy could really fly!)

He waved a hello, and then shouted some advice:

“Enjoy the holidays, just lower your price!”

And so I ran to our team, opened the door with a BAM!

“Take 25% off our SNAP Reading Program!”

The team shouted with joy, and danced in good cheer

Who doesn’t love a sale at this time of the year?

So hurry and buy, but please do remember

This offer will end on 30th of December.

And so we have come to the end of this tale,

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy SNAP Learning sale!


Checklist to Choosing a Digital Reading Program

1. Does the digital reading program offer varied levels of text complexity, for learners of different grades?

2. Does the material provide you with any standardized reading scale for reference?

3. Is there audio support for students to have text or words read to them?

4. Is there a microphone recorder so that students can record their reading skills?

5. Are tools and exercises provided to teach vocabulary words?

6. Is there an easy way to access dictionary definitions and thesaurus meanings of unfamiliar words?

7. Is multimedia support (audio, video, animations, images) used to help convey meaning?

8. Is the reading program bilingual or offer translations of vocabulary words, definitions, directions or paragraphs?

9. Does the reading program offer learners a way to measure their own reading progress?

10. Are there rewards or incentives to help (young) learners complete lessons and exercises?

11. Is the reading program tailored to provide immediate feedback to students based on their reading performance?

12. Can the digital reading program measure a student’s reading progress and analyze performance over a period of time?

Hello World! It’s time to read.

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