SNAP Learning: A Helpful Resource to Support Close Reading in the Classroom

Erin Klein, an award-winning educator has published a post about the SNAP Close Reading Portfolio.

Here’s an excerpt:

I had been familiar with Snap!Learning for guided reading, but now I could utilize their resources for close reading strategies as well.  This was exciting!

With the resources from Snap!Learning, I now felt like I had not only a framework of how to structure my lessons over the course of a few days but I also had the materials available for me to plan and students to utilize.  The site is comprehensive yet easy to navigate.

One of my favorite components of Snap!Learning is that it doesn’t tell me how to teach or provide me with a forced script that I must do with fidelity each day.  Instead, Snap!Learning offers me resources to support my teaching in a successful manner.

You can read the full post here.

Homeschoolers & Reading Tutors! Check out this guided reading program review!

Teacher Librarian, Technology Integration Specialist and Mom to three amazing kids, Shannon McClintock Miller has published an in-depth review of the SNAP Learning Guided Reading program.

Here’s an excerpt:

Everything You Need In One Guided Reading Program…..What A Snap! From Snap Learning

The content can be delivered so many different ways to accommodate all teachers, students, and learning situations.

The Structured Guided Reading Program can be delivered in a…


  • Digital format…  with over 200 English and Spanish interactive leveled books and lesson plans.
  • Mobile format… download the free app to have access to 200 English and Spanish interactive leveled books and lesson to use on any iOS or Android tablet.
  • Printable format… print any of the 200 English and Spanish level books or lesson plans.
  • Projectable format… log into to project any of the 200 English and Spanish leveled books onto a whiteboard and use your smart board digital tools to interact with the books….great for shared reading activities.

I am also so impressed with all of the important Digital Learning Features their Structured Guided Reading Program contains including Interactive Activities, Animated Early Readers, and Word Usage Interactivity.

Click here to see Shannon’s take on the special features in each Structured Guided Reading Level

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Ways to Improve Reading Comprehension

This Reading Mama lists 5 simple ways to improve reading comprehension and  her experience in using SNAP Learning to meet comprehension goals.

For children who struggle as readers (and even for those who don’t), comprehension is a big deal. And it starts from the very beginning. Before kids even open the book, we need to encourage them to think about what they are going to read. We can ask them to read the title or look at the cover, maybe even the Table of Contents. What is the topic? What do they already know about the topic? What do they think will happen in the story, based off what they know?

Using background knowledge is also vital as the child reads the text. What would I do in that situation? Has that happened to me before? I remember the time that… These thought patterns rely on what the child already knows to help them comprehend and make sense of the text.

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