The SNAP Learning Christmas SALE Poem

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through our site

Not a creature was buying, not one little bite!

The offers were swung by our marketers with care

In hope that good teachers soon would be there.

The children could read, all snug in their beds

And interact with the books, just like in their heads!

But no one came by, as the holidays grew near

And I, in my office, sat shivering in fear.

Then outside my window, I saw in the sky…

None other than St. Nick! (boy, that guy could really fly!)

He waved a hello, and then shouted some advice:

“Enjoy the holidays, just lower your price!”

And so I ran to our team, opened the door with a BAM!

“Take 25% off our SNAP Reading Program!”

The team shouted with joy, and danced in good cheer

Who doesn’t love a sale at this time of the year?

So hurry and buy, but please do remember

This offer will end on 30th of December.

And so we have come to the end of this tale,

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy SNAP Learning sale!


Special Sale for Homeschoolers!

Have you been considering a reading program for your kids? Here’s a program that will cover all your children’s reading requirements.

SNAP Reading Program is now 50% off for Homeschoolers!

  • Access a library of 128 books leveled for the Common Core
  • Meet the needs of all your children at various reading levels, with material from K-6th grade
  • Digital versions available on Apple iPad, Android tablet, desktop, laptop, or the Web!
  • Free data analytics, to organize reading progress data and track assessments
  • Built-in lesson plans to help you teach!

1 license, for a year is priced at $89.99. We are offering it to Homeschoolers for just $45!

Encourage reading, on the devices your kids love!


Access lesson plans, track reading assessments, and get ALL of the digitized eBooks and printable PDFs for one low cost!

  • 130 Printable titles & Lesson plans
  • Digitized Interactive ebooks with built-in fluency, comprehension, and assessments
  • Sight words with audio pronunciation
  • Touch and view glossary for complex words
  • Voice-over directions for each page
  • Trackable assessments and data collection

 Just $45! Limited time offer for Homeschoolers only!

To avail this offer, just click here and request your coupon discount!

Wired Educator, “A great resource for ELA teachers struggling to adopt to the Common Core.”


Edmodo Teachers! SNAP releases on Edmodo as Snappiness!

SNAPPINESS is finally here!

A SINGLE app that gives you a digital library of engaging complex text, a host of standards-based activities, metrics for student achievement, and built-in gamification rewards.

ALL on the platform teachers love… EDMODO!

SNAPPINESS is the only app that offers teachers and students a one-stop, easy-to-use Common Core Literacy solution.

Snappiness can help Edmodo elementary teachers save valuable time and effort in searching for engaging content that is aligned to the Common Core.


Currently offering materials for grades 4 and 5, Snappiness also lets educators review and assign exercises and assess work with rewards and badges.


According to Sesh Kumar, President of SNAP Learning, “SNAPPINESS brings together the best of content and technology to address various key issues such as reading material availability on multiple devices, and skills measurement.”

He added, “Educators now have a simple, integrated solution to offer their students digital reading and writing, which is mapped to the common core, is fun for young readers and monitors their performance for continual improvement.”

Click here to see the Snappiness App on Edmodo

16 Apps That Motivate Kids to Read

appsmotivatereadingWe are Teachers has published an excellent list of apps that encourage and get your young readers excited about reading! And guess what? SNAP! Reading is listed under Elementary School Readers by We Are Teachers!

Extract: For every kid who is caught hiding beneath his covers with a flashlight and a novel at midnight, there is another who has to be begged and pleaded with to read.  And the latter might need a little extra—shall we call it encouragement?—to become a great reader.

To help, we’ve rounded up a list of the top apps that not only teach essential reading skills but also motivate kids—even the most book-phobic—to read, read and read some more.

Click here to see the full list.