Making a Quilt

Quilts do more than just provide warmth. Some tell stories of long journeys or serve as an outlet for artistic expression, while others are given as gifts.

In the story, Making a Quilt, the main character learns how to make a quilt from her grandma. After carefully following her grandma’s instructions, she creates her own beautiful quilt.


Have your students create their own quilts using the templates and tutorials below:

Templates based off the book:


Make a Quilt, student template Make your own quilt design template

Make a Quilt, Irish Chain pattern, student template

Make a Quilt, Irish Chain pattern, teacher template

Make your own quilt design template 


Other ideas and tutorials:

Geometry for Kids: Nine-Square Paper Quilt Design




Geometry for Kids: Quilt Activity Using Triangles




Classic Kids Craft: Paper Weaving






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